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This is a listing of all the featured programs in the program catalog. You can view the brochure for any of these programs by clicking on the program name.
Featured Programs
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Abnormal Psychology: Britain and Beyond
Edinburgh, United Kingdom; London, United Kingdom; Vienna, Austria; York, United Kingdom

Terms: May Programs
Description: Abnormal Psychology: Britain and Beyond Without a doubt, Great Britain and Austria have played a prominent role in the history of Abnormal and Clinical Psychology. London is the location of the Bethlem Royal Hospital (once known as "Bedlam& quot;)[...]
Business and Commerce in Hong Kong
Hong Kong, Hong Kong

Terms: Exploration - Spring
Business and Commerce in Switzerland
Zurich, Switzerland

Terms: Exploration - Fall
English Villages Singita Grumeti
Grumeti Reserves, Tanzania

Terms: Registration
Family, Community, and Identity in Contemporary Scotland
Edinburgh, United Kingdom; London, United Kingdom

Terms: May Programs
Description: Major and Core Areas (PEAK Designation is Currently Pending for this Program) Global Studies 380 will count as a 1 credit, PEAK experience. Students with senior status can also opt to substitute this PEAK experience for a Core Capstone if t heir[...]
Italian Summer School Abroad
Rome, Italy; Tropea, Italy; Venice, Italy

Terms: May Programs
Description: Welcome to Italy! Gelato, pasta, espresso, the Sistine Chapel, the Colosseum...the music, art and food of Italy has been an inspiration for centuries.  From the beauty of Venice to the grandeur and history of Rome to the turquoise Adriatic [...]
Nature and Culture: Encountering Landscape through Nature Writing as Public Philosophy and the Art of the American West
Estes Park, United States; Jackson, United States; Medora, United States; Moab, United States; Salt Lake City, United States; Silver City, United States; Taos, United States

Terms: May Programs
Description: Major and Core Areas Art 380, Philosophy 380, or Environmental Studies 380 will count as a 1 credit, PEAK experience and contribute to majors/minors in Art, Philosophy, and Environmental Studies. Students with senior status can also opt to subst itute[...]
New York Theatre: Behind the Lights of Broadway
New York City, United States

Terms: Exploration - Spring
Description: New York Theatre: Behind the Lights of Broadway, will spend a week exploring what and who makes theatre happen in New York. We will spend time observing and interacting with the individuals and shops that make Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Off -Off[...]
Summer Study in Segovia
Granada, Spain; Madrid, Spain; Segovia, Spain; Seville, Spain

Terms: May Programs
Description: Speak the Language - Live the Culture Imagine walking to class down narrow cobblestone streets, under the arches of a 2nd-century Roman aqueduct, past an enormous gothic Cathedral and in the shadows of a centuries-old castle. The May Summer Stud y[...]
The Ecology of East Africa
Various, Tanzania

Terms: May Programs
Description: ITINERARY Upon arrival in Tanzania, we will start by climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro. On the climb we will observe the different ecosystems associated with each elevation, rainforest through alpine desert. The next portion of the trip will include co nducting[...]
The Influence of History and Culture on Health Perspectives and Practices in Haiti
Port-au-Prince, Haiti

Terms: Exploration - Fall
Description: Program Description Open to students across majors, this is an experiential learning opportunity to develop an understanding of the influence of history and culture on health perspectives and practices in Port au Prince, Haiti. Drs. Rawson [...]
Urban Travel Writing
London, United Kingdom; Paris, France

Terms: Exploration - Spring
Description: Imagine a week in two of the most interesting and historic cities on Earth.  Urban Travel Writing is an exploration trip embedded in English 377/477, the nonfiction seminar.  It’s open to others on a space-available basis.  ; It’s[...]
Wing, Boot & Rail: Exploration & Travel
London, United Kingdom; West Highland Way, United Kingdom

Terms: Exploration - Fall
Description: Wing, Boot & Rail: Exploration & Travel is a field based articulation of integrated learning. It seeks to give first semester students an experiential understanding of self and place, now and history, expectations and immediacy. The first [...]