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Itineraries and Budgets


The program fee is determined in August with the consent of the leader(s), who work closely and collaboratively with Global Learning staff.  This fee varies from program to program and reflects the actual costs of development and delivery based upon extensive research and consultation.  Consistent with the College’s commitments to sustainable environmental and economic stewardship, faculty are encouraged to design affordable and ecologically-responsible programs and to seek a program fee of $5000 or less (tuition excluded).

The program fee reflects a budget model of student participation and expense assumptions that guide program development.  Budget problems are resolved through program changes.  Cutting or reducing elements of a program to meet budget needs can be difficult for all involved.  Global Learning staff will assist faculty to develop affordable programs without compromising academic quality.  However, certain uncontrollable costs (jet fuel prices, exchange rates, admissions fees) can change throughout the development process.  Despite best efforts, leaders sometimes need to make changes that address such situations or advertised seminar prices may need to be increased.