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Program Application, Eligibility, and Approval


Programs must be developed in collaboration with Global Learning (GL) staff and must be submitted to the Global Education Committee (GEC) for review and approval. The committee evaluates and approves programs consistent with strategic directions of the College and policy actions of Faculty Senate with special attention to educational aim, safety, and affordability. In December, GL announces the deadline for applications and communicates other developmental deadlines to faculty members upon approval by the GEC.
Applications made to the GEC must be accompanied with a syllabus. If the proposed course is new, a New Course application must be submitted for approval to the Curriculum Committee; however, new programs can be offered up to three times as 380 courses. The GEC’s approval of new programs is provisional until the Curriculum Committee has acted. The decision of the Curriculum Committee will be independent from approval granted by the GEC. If core credit is desired for the program, approval must be sought from the Core Committee. Similarly, if PEAK credit is desired, approval must be sought from the Integrative Learning Committee, which determines the terms of PEAK approval.
Once applicants receive decision results from the GEC, the GL staff will contact faculty about program development, which includes deadlines that require faculty involvement and action. 
Faculty leaders must be tenured, tenure-eligible, or continuing appointment. Leaders are eligible for program expenses (full board included) and summer school salary (full compensation at 12). Leader expenses are factored into the student program fee. Student tuition funds faculty compensation. Low-enrollment programs can be cancelled by the Associate Dean of Global Learning if projected program expenses exceed revenue. In such situations, leaders and GL staff may pursue program changes to reduce expenses.
Study away programs involving international travel and administered by the GEC (World Work Seminars, Exploration Seminars, Portal Seminars, and May Seminars) are expected to have two leaders for the duration of the program abroad. Dual leadership supports excellence in student learning and risk management. This team may comprise two faculty who work on contract (fall and spring interim). Most faculty will work off contract during the program (summer term) and typically share the salary pool of the program. Alternatively, this team may comprise a faculty member and a full-time staff member with relevant experience and qualifications. Staff will be released by the college from on-campus responsibilities and work on contract during the program. Consistent with the particular elements and needs of the program, leaders will exercise different but equal roles and involvement in program development and delivery. Single-leader programs that support excellence in student learning and risk management will be considered by petition to the GEC and the Associate Dean for Global Learning.
To encourage new leaders, GL offers a Leader Development Grant enabling two leaders per year to receive a one-time grant for up to $5000 to accompany an existing program and learn from a veteran leader(s). Eligible leaders are welcome to apply and are expected to lead a program within two years, contingent upon budgetary resource availability and enrollment. Grant recipients will submit a 5-page report upon completion of accompaniment. To encourage new programs, GL offers an International Program Grant for up to $3000 for program development. Contact the Associate Dean for Global Learning for more information regarding faculty leader and program development opportunities.

What is required for a Short-term Study Away Leadership Application?

Application Instructions:

  1. Meet with Darin Stromstad in GL to discuss your program. This meeting will include a discussion of your travel itinerary, costs, anticipated health and safety risks, accessibility, and sustainability commitments. GL staff must sign off on this meeting to allow the application to proceed to GEC. 
  2. Read the Global Learning VALUE Rubric and include any applicable Learning Outcomes you have identified in your syllabus.
  3. Have your syllabus, program description, and travel itinerary ready.
  4. Complete your application in a word document, then cut and paste your responses into the Global Learning application system.
  5. Deadline for Fall Exploration Seminars: January 15, 2020. Deadline for all other Spring and Summer programs: February 15, 2020.