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Deadlines and Definitions

Deadlines and Definitions

The Breakaway Seminar is a faculty or staff-led, non-credit experiential learning program during fall or spring interim.  It may be a PEAK opportunity and may occur in local, regional, national, and international contexts.
EXPLORATION SEMINAR  The Exploration Seminar is a faculty-led travel and experiential learning program (international or domestic) embedded in a semester-length course on campus.  It typically occurs for 9 days during fall or spring interim and may offer a PEAK opportunity.

MAY SEMINAR ABROAD  The May Seminar Abroad is a 25-day, 4-credit, faculty-led, travel-study program that takes students to multiple learning sites to explore a topic through comparative inquiry and/or experiential perspective building.  The program includes a required pre-departure course taught during spring semester by the leader to prepare the group academically and culturally for the study abroad experience.

PORTAL SEMINAR  The Portal Seminar is a 30-day, 1-credit, faculty-led integrative learning program in May that fulfills a PEAK graduation requirement.  Interdisciplinary faculty teams (two or more) lead and mentor student cohorts in collaborative inquiry into big questions (contemporary and enduring) through investigative projects.  Portal programs have a common, all-inclusive fee, may be either domestic or international, and can involve on-campus programming prior to off-campus learning.

SUMMER FIELD STUDY  The Summer Field Study is a 30-day or 35-day, 4-credit, faculty-led immersion program offered in May.  Summer Field Study programs seek to enable small groups of students to travel together with a Concordia professor.  Program content can include research activity, internships, community-based learning (service learning) and exploratory travel.  Students earn credit through an existing Concordia course.

SUMMER SCHOOL ABROAD  The Summer School Abroad is a 30-day, 4-credit, faculty-led immersion-excursion program offered in May.  The program allows students to take Concordia summer school in a residential context outside the United States.  Like credit-bearing experiences on campus, these courses involve significant classroom instruction.  Students have instruction time equal to summer school on campus coupled with cultural experiences such as excursions and homestays.
MAY PROGRAMS  Most short-term study away programs at Concordia occur in the month of May and include May Seminars, Portal Seminars, Summer School Abroad, Summer Field Studies, and Summer Research Abroad.

SEMESTER AND YEARLONG PROGRAMS  Concordia offers dozens of credit-bearing, long-term programs in more than 30 locations around the world.  Students on these programs receive extensive advising and supports as well as guaranteed transfer credit for approved providers.

STUDY ABROAD  Study abroad programs take place outside the United States.

STUDY AWAY  Study away programs take place either abroad or in the United States.

  Global Learning Expo Program Interest Meetings One-on-One Meetings Meet with Your Advisor
Spring Exploration Seminars* Early Fall Late Sept.-early Oct. Late Sept.-mid-Nov. (with Faculty Leader) Optional
May Programs    Early Fall Late Sept.-early Nov. Late Sept.-mid-Nov. (with Faculty Leader) Optional
Fall Semester/
Academic Year
Early Fall Early Oct.- early Nov. Sept.-early Nov. (with advisor of the program) Early Sept.-early Nov.
Spring Semester/
Calendar Year
Early Fall Late Jan.- mid-Feb. Oct.-early Feb. (with advisor of the program) Late Sept.-mid-Feb.
*Please speak with Global Learning for more information regarding Fall Exploration Seminars.  218-299-3927

Deadlines stay consistent each year 
Yearly Application Deadlines for
Study Away
Application & 1st Deposit Deadline Decision Date 2nd
Full Payment Due Last Day to Withdraw with Full Refund
Spring Exploration Seminars* November 15th
Rolling Admissions N/A January 15th November 15th
May Programs November 15th
Rolling Admissions January 15th 
April 15th December 1st
Summer  November 15th
Rolling Admissions N/A Concordia Summer Tuition Bill  January 31st

Fall Semester
November 15th
Rolling Admissions N/A Concordia Fall
Tuition Bill
January 31st
Full Academic Year November 15th
Rolling Admissions N/A Concordia Fall & Spring Tuition Bill January 31st

Spring Semester 
March 15th
Rolling Admissions N/A Concordia Spring Tuition Bill April 15th
*Please speak with Global Learning for more information regarding Fall Exploration Seminars.  218-299-3927